Ministry and Counsel

Ministry and Counsel is a meeting within a meeting. M and C has a clerk and keeps minutes, which are confidential.

The Meeting for Worship for Business has the responsibility of looking after the temporal concerns of the Meeting. M and C is responsible for the spiritual life of the meeting – rather broadly defined.

This responsibility includes: encouragement of suitable vocal ministry as well as silent communion; responsibility for pastoral care (visiting sick, staying in touch with absent or distant Friends); responsibility for weddings and funerals – counselling or support for those involved as well as drafting memorial minutes; responsibility for First Day School; responsibility for annual State of Society report.

M and C is also responsible for two types of committees which are, perhaps, peculiar to Friends: committees of clearness and committees of care. The role of a clearness committee is to assist a friend who has a problem or concern which requires a decision. This committee is initiated by the individual who makes the request to M and C. A committee of care can be initiated by either M and C or the individual and is intended to provide support to the individual either as they face a major undertaking or experience difficulties.

More can be read on the website. In particular, read Organization and Procedure which can be found under resources in the public pages of the CYM website. O and P contains valuable background about the history of friends (in England, North America and Canada), as well as information about the structure of CYM, WHYM, monthly meetings, Quaker practices, and expectations of Meeting members.