Larger Quaker bodies and affiliated organizations

Canadian Yearly Meeting, the national Quaker body to which Edmonton Meeting belongs. Canadian Yearly Meeting in turn is affiliated both with Friends General Conference and Friends United Meeting (see below).

Friends General Conference, an umbrella organization of unprogrammed (liberal) yearly Meetings in North America.

Friends United Meeting, an umbrella organization of more explicitly Christ-centred yearly Meetings in North America.

Friends World Committee for Consultation, a global Quaker body.

Canadian Friends Service Committee, the service arm of Canadian Yearly Meeting, through which we address our peace and social justice concerns.

Quaker materials

Quaker Faith and Practice for Canadian Yearly Meeting, an anthology of brief writings by Canadian (and other) Quakers about who we are, what we believe, and how we live.

Organization and Procedure, the manual spelling out our procedures for e.g. becoming a member, getting married, as well as organizational structure such as committees, at the local and national levels.

Advices and Queries, a set of pithy questions and exhortations provoking reflection on the Quaker way of life, from Britain Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice.

The Canadian Friend, a periodical published by Canadian Yearly Meeting.

Quaker blogs

QuakerQuaker, lots of thoughtful discussion of issues relevant to Quakers today.

In the Community

The Neighbour Centre, a drop-in centre near our Meeting for homeless Edmontonians, which our Meeting helps support.

Edmonton Ecumenical Peace Network, organizes the annual Edmonton Remembrance Day prayer walk for peace, which our Meeting helped initiate.